Twitter Icon Art Giveaway

Update: For those not wanting to register to leave a comment, I’m working on a workaround for that. Send me a message on Twitter, and I’ll put placeholder entries in for you Dagbar has fixed it so that you don’t have to.
If you’re reading this in a timely manner, then you’ve found the link to this entry via Twitter. What do you get for coming here and participating? The chance at a free piece of custom icon art from me, to be done later today. That’s right, FREE ART, baby! I’m gearing up to take something live, and you get a chance to directly participate in the sample development part of it.

Want an example? This is the “My Little Cthulhu” demo piece I did as an example for my $5 Icon Art commission option, once it’s live (yes, that commission link is there on the right, no, you shouldn’t click it just yet, no matter how tempting it may be):

Other things that may be done include character headshots (for all of you RPG and MMO players out there), or other similar items.

Here’s what you need to do to participate:

1) Comment here, with your Twitter handle somewhere in the comment. Yes, this is a Twitter-specific give away, and you must have a Twitter account to participate in this round. Also, all initial comments need to be approved, so if you don’t see yours, it’s there, I just haven’t had a chance to approve it yet.

2) If you RT the Tweet I made that sent you here (be sure that you’re retweeting me, otherwise I may not see it), I’ll give you another slot in the pool for the drawing (for clarity, only one per participant with this drawing, so anyone with two entries can only be selected once).

3) Comments (and RTs) must be made before 1pm CST for them to count.

Participation in this means that you agree up front to the terms of use, if you win. (Basically, you agree to only use the art for personal use, not for anything commercial or for profit, etc.)

Bare minimum, if participation is 3 or less, then I’ll do one per person. Once we get into the double-digits, I’ll start adding more. In other words, the more participation I get, the more I will give away.

Winners will be announced via Twitter and the website sometime before 7pm today, and will be contacted for input for their icon art, as well as given the basic terms/conditions for use of the art.

And the winners are:

Dagbar, Czarjames, and Hulign

Congratulations! I will contact you shortly about your icons.

11 Responses to “Twitter Icon Art Giveaway”

  1. Sean says:

    Placeholder comment for @groonk, as his Steve Jobs device is being uncooperative. ;)

  2. Czar says:

    I agree to all terms and I will proudly announce my Twitter Icon was made by Seantaclaus. Love- Czarjames!

  3. hulign says:

    A custom icon would be sweet! This is a great idea.


  4. Sean says:

    Placeholders for @benweger and @moon_ferret, who seem to be having technical issues.

  5. Sean says:

    Placeholders for @sneak186 and @kitschblade.

  6. benweger says:

    I need art! Make me cool !

  7. Bran says:



  8. izombieeu says:

    @izombieeu loves the idea but ponders whether he can betray his current icon like that….

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